EGS @ Technology Hub 2016, Milan, June 7th – 9th

settembre 30, 2016 3:54 pm

During Technology Hub, EGS will be in pavilion 3, booth A126 to exhibit its potential in terms of innovation and flexibility thanks to new scanning and 3D editing solutions which find applications in: orthopedics, manufacturing, aesthetic, automotive, hobby, gadgets, eyewear, footwear, sports equipment, entertainment and fashion.


You can use 3D scanner to quickly acquire pretty much any object or person, from a small mechanical part to a turbine for example, or from a model to a part of the human body, with an astonishing precision. Now, all this can be accomplished in a very short time with the scanning technology distributed by EGS and its scanning solutions: JScan, Artec Eva and Artec Spider.

The scanners are available with proprietary software for processing 3D scans, mesh editing and reverse engineering developed entirely in-house by EGS: Leios.

Leios is a complete and easy to use software for making direct sculpting on the mesh, 3D modeling and to produce output for CAD systems.
Available in 3 packages – for Makers, Premium and Professional – to cover the needs of all types of users, with Leios you can acquire data from any type of 3D scanner with standard output, transforming the cloud of points into NURBS mathematical model in a simple and intuitive way and analyze the results with powerful inspection tools.
It presents an organization of the workflow in step-by-step mode, which supports the user in the modeling limits.

EGS will also bring CAD / CAM solutions for the dental industry, field in which it distinguishes itself by offering reliable and accurate products covering the entire scanning, modeling and 3D designing workflow.

It will be presented at Technology Hub, in fact, DentalSuite 5: the answer to the request for a single solution for the entire workflow in Digital Dentistry.
With this bundle composed by DScan, the latest generation of scanners equipped with structured light technology for the 3D acquisition of dental models, dies, fingerprints and verticulator, and DentalCad, the software for the dental laboratory dedicated to the design and modeling, EGS is able to offer a complete solution for dental laboratories.

In particular, the version 5 introduces important innovations, including:

  • New jobs on bars for edentulous patients;
  • Implants with gum;
  • Simplified workflow for creating a mockup through the integration with Digital Smile System software (DSS).

EGS new products and solutions will be presented through live demonstrations and presentations during the event. Possible partners, members of the press and anyone interested are invited to book individual meetings to get more information. Please send your requests to Serena Santoro at: